Business Video Surveillance Systems

At REV Communications Inc. we have decades of experience in the design, installation and servicing of video surveillance systems for all classes of companies. This experience has never been more important for our enterprise customers, because the convergence of video and IT networks offers as many challenges as it does enhanced capabilities. Helping companies leverage their existing IT infrastructure for network IP video, both streaming and recording, is part of the value we bring to our clients every day.

Business Video Surveillance Technological Advances

Video surveillance capabilities for business security systems are advancing rapidly. In recent years, we’ve seen the migration from analog to digital video recording, and now to the convergence of video systems and a company’s IT network infrastructure. This rapid advance has multiple benefits—it’s made video surveillance systems more affordable for smaller businesses and it has expanded the reach and capabilities of network video (or IP video) for larger enterprises.

We work with the top technology manufacturers to offer a full range of products, including the latest digital megapixel security cameras and software for IP network integration and archiving.

Business Video Surveillance Integration

Digital video surveillance can be integrated with other elements of a security system and your business IT network to provide dynamic capabilities not available a generation ago. For example, we have several retail customers who integrate video with their cash registers so they capture precise images of every transaction aiding in both external and internal theft.

Integrate Business Video Surveillance with a Burglar Alarm System

Other customers have video integrated with their burglar alarm system so if a door opens when it should be closed, motion detectors register the event and prompt the video system to capture images near that door. An alarm is sent to the on-site security team, directing them to view the cameras covering that area to investigate what’s going on. When video is integrated with a company’s IT network (or simply connected to the Internet) a small-business owner can login and view their store or office from a home computer or while traveling on business. A security guard responding to a break-in at a large manufacturing plant can view the affected area on his hand-held smart phone in real time as he’s responding to the alarm.

Integrate Business Video Surveillance with an Access Control System

Our business video surveillance systems can be integrated with an access control system and other elements of an intrusion detection system to capture video images of sentinel events. With live streaming network security video, a business owner or security manager can log-in and view any camera on their system from any computer or smart phone with an Internet connection. We also offer remote video monitoring services from our 24-hour Security Command Center, so our trained staff can keep an eye on your property 24-7 if you wish.

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